Stallion Oilfield Services, Rig Site Renders

Stallion Oilfield Services, Rig Site Renders

Stallion Oilfield Services are continuously striving to improve their client’s working environment, and maximize the efficiency of their operations, especially during these challenging times. Stallion hired us to create several 3D renderings of their products on-site, such as ones in this case study, intended for print collateral, brand exposure, and future animations. We are currently in the middle of several projects produced and customized explicitly for Stallion Oilfield Services in this vast sequence of production. Three of our 3D Animations have been uploaded to the site…ready for viewing by clicking here.

About Stallion:
Stallion is one of the leading providers of the auxiliary rental equipment and related services for oil and gas operations in the USA. As a distinguished oilfield service company and a pioneer in the industry, Stallion delivers an extensive, end-to-end lifecycle service that is unmatched through a single provider. From solids-control technology and auxiliary surface rental equipment to site construction, Stallion offers the following services:

– Remote communications (StaRComm®)
– Safety services
– Solids control
– Freshwater and sewage pump and hauling services
– Fluid storage
– Fluids logistics
– Remote water and sewer treatment (StaRT™)
– Site support equipment and services
– Construction
– Accommodations
– Offshore services
– Natural gas remote powered generators (HorsePower™)

To learn how Stallion Oilfield Services can improve the safety and efficiency of your drilling site, please visit Stallion’s website.

About IMMIX:
IMMIX Productions is a Creative Development Supplier to the Oil, Gas, Energy, and related Industries for 18+ years. Based in Houston, TX, we specialize in 3D Animation, IndustrialVR, 2D/3D Modeling, Visual Simulations, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Branding & Web Development. Please contact our Creative Team (713) 789-8699 to discuss your current project.

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