SENSIA: Custody Transfer Measurement and Control

SENSIA: Custody Transfer Measurement and Control

Transforming Custody Transfer Measurement and Control with SENSIA

The need for accuracy, reliability, and optimization cannot be overstated in an industry as volatile and dynamic as Oil and Gas. SENSIA, the industry’s leading automation specialist, recognized these needs and devised an innovative approach to revolutionize custody transfer performance for its global clientele.

SENSIA achieved this through their Edge to Enterprise solutions, a testament to their innovative prowess and commitment to client success. These solutions were designed to optimize CapEx & OpEx, bridge skill gaps, integrate stranded assets, and drive productivity to new heights. But the true magic lies in their unique approach, where “the system as a whole truly becomes greater than the sum of its parts.”

SENSIA’s story is one of bold innovation and unwavering dedication. With a team of over 1,000 experts, they combine a unique blend of process automation, real-time control, and IoT technology from Rockwell Automation, coupled with SLB (formerly Schlumberger’s) exceptional measurement, software, and analytics capabilities. This synergy is further cemented by the shared oil and gas domain expertise between the two parent companies, which offers a wide array of cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and service offerings, all tailored to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. Visit their website to learn more about how they shape the future of oil and gas production, transportation, and processing.

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