Allied Oil Industrial Services Animation

Allied Oil Industrial Services Animation

Allied Oil Industrial Services, a renowned division of Allied Oil & Supply, specializes in lubrication-related products and services for the industrial sector. Their vast experience, spanning seven decades, has positioned them as one of the leading innovators in the field with a diversified range of services, including:

1. High-Velocity Hot Oil Flushing
2. Chemical Cleaning Services
     – Varnish Removal and Mitigation Systems
     – Deionized Water Flushing
     – Hydro-Blasting
     – Reservoir & Tank Cleaning
 3. Industrial Lubricant Reclamation and Filtration
 4. Lubricant Analysis

Allied offers a no-cost, on-site lubrication assessment, and by partnering with top-level suppliers in the industry, they benefit customers with a wide variety of knowledge and experience, including evaluation of equipment, current lubrication products, and practices. 

Allied Oil Industrial Services’ target sectors are Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer Facilities, Turbine Vendors, and Automotive/Steel Production Facilities; Allied’s Chemical Cleaning Services and Lubrication Solutions have been proven to have unmatched quality, safety, and expertise.

We were commissioned by Allied Oil Industrial Services to produce a 3D video overview animation showcasing their unique offering in an engaging and intuitive manner. The primary objective was to visualize the impact of turbulence in High-Velocity Oil Flush. This complex concept, measured in Reynolds numbers, is essential in flushing piping in the industrial sector and exemplifies how Personalized Site Assessment, Attention to Client Detail, and Proven Track Record set Allied Oil Industrial Services apart from the competition. 

The animation followed the provided script by Allied Oil Industrial Services, with a total running time of approximately 3.5 minutes. During the sequence, we demonstrated how the temperature affects the particulate inside the pipe, using a stylized way to illustrate the turbulence that isn’t easily achieved by regular video.

Throughout the project, IMMIX Productions strictly adhered to the branding guidelines provided by Allied Oil. All layouts and designs were harmoniously aligned with the existing brand identity, ensuring a seamless visual experience for the viewers. This attention to detail maintained brand consistency and reinforced Allied Oil Industrial Services’ professional presence in the industrial sector. 

The final product was an informative and engaging video animation that captured the essence of Allied Oil Industrial Services’ offerings and served as a testament to Allied’s commitment to innovation and customer service, strategically positioning them as a leader in the industry.

Furthermore, it streamlined the customer engagement process, answering frequent queries and illuminating the unique selling propositions of Allied Oil Industrial Services. Since the launch of this 3D sequence, Allied has seen an increment in customer engagement, serving as an effective tool for explaining complex concepts, with our animation receiving positive reviews for its clarity, design, and encapsulation of the essence of Allied’s services.

In conclusion, this collaboration between Allied Oil Industrial Services and IMMIX Productions epitomizes the power of storytelling through video animation. It underlines the importance of making complex concepts accessible to a broader audience while maintaining brand integrity. This case study serves as a benchmark for future video animation projects in the sphere of industrial services.

To learn more about Allied Oil Industrial Services’ valuable offerings, you can visit the Allied Oil website, and for advice on similar types of 3D work, IMMIX Productions’ Creative Team is always available for consultation. Visit our website for other case studies, samples, and success stories. 

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