SENSIA: Omni Surveillance Animation

SENSIA: Omni Surveillance Animation

SENSIA brings Intelligent Action to your gas lift operations, closing the gap on optimal performance. Their Automated Gas Lift Optimization Solutions have proven in field trials to achieve target production, deliver a 15% reduction in gas use, and require 85% fewer manual interventions, freeing up valuable resources.

These 3D Animations were intended to be used as a compelling, immersive sales and marketing video to introduce SENSIA’s technology when visiting their experience center at the corporate office in Houston, TX. This is to be presented to the client. Hence, they become familiarized with the Omni Surveillance system before they have an in-depth discussion with one of SENSIA’s subject matter experts. We wanted to express the idea of an antiquated oilfield being converted to one that is digitized and can now be monitored and controlled remotely using SENSIA’s proprietary services.

The video is to be primarily (but not exclusively) played on SENSIA’s giant, wrap-around, room-sized video screen (9280mm x 2560mm, 180-degree curved screen with a 14ft radius). This gives visiting clients the feeling of being right in the middle of the action while educating them on how SENSIA’s service can greatly enhance the performance of their artificial lift assets. Expected results would be a decrease in time between an introduction and a commitment, an increase in conversion rate, and an expansion in brand recognition, resulting in more sales.

The leading automation specialist in oil & gas production, transportation, and processing with a team of 1,000+ experts serving customers globally, bringing together the best of the best: the pioneering process automation, real-time control, and IoT technologies of Rockwell Automation, combined with the unmatched measurement and instrumentation, software and analytics capabilities of Schlumberger. Further solidified by the oil and gas domain expertise and artificial lift experience shared by Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger, SENSIA is the unification of sensing, intelligence, and action.

Please visit SENSIA’s website to check out all of their impressive technologies, solutions, and service offerings.

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