HandsDown Website and Animation

HandsDown Website and Animation

There are many great reasons for incorporating animated video into your strategy for new product marketing, especially if you’re a start-up or have a revolutionary product, that needs a swift market introduction. Our new client developed a patented solution for distracted driving called “HandsDown: The Safest Way to Drive”… which we showcased in our recent animated video infomercial. Our Team also designed HandsDown’s website and was actively involved with the development of storyboard, and product performance visualization…. all of which was later integrated into our video animation.

Distracted driving is a major problem facing all of us, these days… and below are few heartbreaking statistics to prove it; Sidetracked driving claims 9 lives per day, that’s more than 3,200 per year. 15% of vehicle accidents are due to distraction. Cell phone users are 5.36 times more likely to get into an accident than undistracted drivers. And since the invention of the smartphone in 2007, distracted driving has caused 6.7 times more fatalities than the total amount of American casualties in post 9/11 wars.

HandsDown interferes with cell phone signals, effectively creating a dead zone just big and strong enough to make sure no data gets in, and no data gets out. It works in tandem with a smartphone app, allowing an administrator to track, monitor and control it from anywhere. While the vehicle is running, no cell network activity can happen without a responsible administrator’s knowledge and permission. Analytics such as location and speed are viewable on the app in realtime. If the device is switched off, the app immediately sends an alert via text message.

More info on this innovative product is available on Handsdown website, and for other samples, case studies, success stories please visit the animation section of IMMIX Productions, Inc. website, or check out our other animations intended for new product marketing: HyperSciences: SeedInvest Crowdfunding Video or Plugbuster by Torquato Drilling.

At IMMIX Productions, Inc., we work with Technology Startups and provide them with creative development solutions, especially where animated visualization of the process is necessary to fully benefit their marketing efforts, story-telling or digital brochure.

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