City of West University: Storm Water Drainage System Animation

City of West University: Storm Water Drainage System Animation

CASE STUDY – City of West University Place, Drainage Animation

Project Overview

The City of West University Place engaged IMMIX Productions to develop an animated 3D and motion graphics video, aimed at elucidating the importance of functional drainage systems and the principles of water flow drainage. The final video was planned for between 1.5 to 2 minutes and was to be optimized for high-resolution playback at 1920 X 1080, suitable for both web and local desktop viewing.

Project Execution

IMMIX Productions meticulously followed the client’s branding guidelines while adopting a hybrid approach that integrated both, 3D animation and motion graphics. The goal was to maintain a professional and realistic aesthetic that would effectively communicate the complexities of the storm sewer system to city residents.

Technical Details:

  • Integration of Real Plans: Google Earth captures and actual plans from ArcGis drawings were integrated to accurately depict flow paths and other critical details of the drainage system.
  • 3D Scene Utilization: Various 3D scenes were employed to demonstrate different views and the functionality of the drainage system, including:
    • Street View
    • Cutaway View of Underground Pipes
    • Bayou View

Drainage Levels Demonstrated:

The video detailed how the drainage system operates under varying conditions and speeds, as outlined in the provided scope document:

  • Slowly without tailwater: Easily drains from streets
  • Quickly without tailwater: Slowly drains from streets
  • Nominal with tailwater: Takes longer to drain from the streets
  • Extreme with tailwater: Even longer to drain

Key Components Highlighted:

The storm sewer system’s key components were illustrated step-by-step:

  • Streets/curbs
  • Inlets
  • Catch basins and manholes
  • Underground pipes
  • Outfall into Brays Bayou
  • Brays Bayou watershed

Drainage Areas:

The city’s drainage areas were categorized and explained:

  • Area 1: Drains into Kirby Drive, channeling storm water to Brays Bayou.
  • Area 2: The largest area, drains into Poor Farm Ditch, eventually leading to Brays Bayou.
  • Area 3: Funnels storm water into Kilmarnock Ditch, which also drains into Brays Bayou.

Analysis and Impact

The animation project succeeded in fostering a deeper comprehension of the city’s storm water management. By utilizing detailed 3D renderings and motion graphics, the City of West University Place achieved a visual and educational breakthrough in presenting the complexities of the drainage systems. It effectively untangled the intricate web of underground pipework and above-ground components, making it easier for residents to grasp how the system works. The animation highlighted critical issues such as the effects of various drainage levels and the importance of each component in maintaining a resilient infrastructure. This visual storytelling not only illuminated the crucial role of drainage systems in city planning but also highlighted the community’s role in safeguarding and maintaining these infrastructures.


  • Enhanced Public Understanding: The video transformed technical jargon and complex engineering principles into a more comprehensible format. West University Place Residents gained a clearer understanding of how storm water is managed, empowering them to appreciate and support ongoing and future initiatives.
  • Visual Representation of Complex Systems: By breaking down the storm sewer system into digestible parts and using realistic 3D scenes, the animation made a typically dry and technical subject both engaging and relatable. This approach helped demystify the storm water drainage process for the average citizen.
  • Increased Resident Support: With greater awareness came increased support for critical infrastructure projects. Residents became more willing to back necessary investments in the city’s drainage system, understanding the long-term benefits these projects would bring.
  • Community Engagement: The project fostered a sense of community involvement and responsibility. As residents became more educated about the drainage system’s operations, they also learned about simple measures they could take to help maintain its effectiveness, such as responsible waste disposal and reporting blockages.
  • Proactive Infrastructure Management: The education campaign, supported by the animation, reinforced the need for proactive maintenance and upgrades. By highlighting the current system’s strengths and vulnerabilities, the city could better plan and justify expenditures on infrastructural improvements.
  • Disaster Preparedness: Better-informed residents are more prepared for severe weather events. Understanding how the drainage system works can lead to more effective individual and community responses during heavy rainfall and potential flooding scenarios.
  • Transparency and Trust: The project’s transparent approach to educating the public helped to build trust between the city’s administration and its residents. This transparency was vital in fostering a collaborative spirit necessary for managing and improving urban infrastructure.

Overall, the drainage animation project was not just a technical undertaking but a critical public relations and educational campaign that reinforced the importance of active and informed community participation in municipal infrastructure management.

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