Rockwell Automation: Carbon Capture and Storage

Rockwell Automation: Carbon Capture and Storage

The Journey of Visualization in Carbon Capture with Rockwell Automation (CASE STUDY)

In an era defined by the urgent need to address climate change, the collaboration between Rockwell Automation and IMMIX emerged as a beacon of innovation and dedication toward a sustainable future. This case study chronicles the efforts and achievements of a project centered around Carbon Capture and Storage (CCStechnology, aimed at mitigating the impact of industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the planet.

At its core, Rockwell Automation, a titan in industrial automation, commissioned IMMIX to produce a dynamic mixed-media project. Our mission was to illuminate the sophisticated mechanisms of carbon capture, utilization, and storage to a broad audience, targeting Clean Energy Professionals, C-Suite Executives, Sustainability Advocates, and Engineering Managers. The challenge extended beyond the mere exposition of technical details; it was about mobilizing action and underscoring CCS technology’s critical role in the climate change battle.

Project Highlights:

  • Conceptual Genesis: The initiative was born from the acute need to visually demystify carbon capture processes for Rockwell Automation’s target demographic of prospective customers and investors. IMMIX’s assignment was to craft a high-resolution video that amalgamates animated 3D graphics with live-action footage, creating an informative yet visually arresting narrative that underlines Rockwell Automation’s contributions to carbon capture processes.
  • Authentic Visualization: Integral to the project was the utilization of drone footage from leading commercial carbon capture sites, including the Petra Nova CCS in Texas and Shell’s Quest CCS plant in Canada. This footage was crucial in showcasing tangible instances of CCS technology in operation, injecting realism and engagement into the narrative.
  • Brand Alignment: Throughout the production, IMMIX adhered to the comprehensive branding guidelines provided by Rockwell Automation. It ensured every project facet, from storyboard creation to the final video output, echoed Rockwell Automation’s business identity and corporate values.

The final product, a two-minute video, epitomized the essence of storytelling through visuals. It adeptly condensed the carbon capture storyline – from CO2 emissions at power plants to its sequestration underground. The narrative was enhanced with strategic voiceovers and key texts, highlighting how Rockwell Automationalong with its partners, SENSIA and SLB (formerly known as Schlumbergerplay a pivotal role in sustainable industrial innovation

SENSIA is a market leader in industrial-scale digitalization and seamless automation available to every energy companySolving industry challenges, from the digitalization of a single asset to the automation of the entire operation of production

Schlumberger rebranded to SLB, signaling an accelerated focus on newer energy services, such as carbon-capture technology and the development of hydrogen, geothermal energy, and geo-energy.

Outcomes and Impact:

  • The video served as a compelling testament to the synergy of technology and creativity, showcasing the ability to inform and galvanize action toward our shared sustainability goals.
  • Rockwell Automation’s collaboration with IMMIX is a beacon of what can be accomplished when industrial expertise meets a staunch commitment to environmental care.

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