METRIX: Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring Animation

METRIX: Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring Animation

Our client, Metrix, specializes in Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring Solutions that are easily scalable to various sizes of compressors, from packaged/skid-mounted machines to more extensive API 618 devices. Metrix’s new API 618-type compressor offerings include shutdown and alarm features for frame vibration, impact severity, rod drop, and crosshead acceleration, which makes Metrix the only provider of genuinely scalable solutions for condition monitoring and all reciprocating compressors.

In our latest animated 3D and motion graphic video for Metrix, we are helping viewers visualize and understand Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring Technology and its value. IMMIX prepared and tweaked the 3D models provided by Metrix to render and animate the script provided to depict the following components of the technology and this particular project:

– Reciprocating compressor model modifications.
– Compressor model crankshaft and piston rigging animation.
– Compressor model scene setup, including naming objects, surfaces, placement of cabinet, wires, products, cutaways, and transparency passes for the reciprocating compressor animation.
– Animating all camera moves required for each shot.
– 5580 and SW5580 information label texturing.
– Setting up and rendering small turnaround animations for each product, highlighted on the reciprocating compressor animation, including a separate render pass required for compositing layers.

With a total running time of approximately 6 minutes, we optimized the final video for maximum resolution and playback performance, whether for viewing on Metrix’s website or local desktop delivery at 1920 X 1080 resolution. The video is a hybrid of 3D with motion graphics and maintains the same look and feel as previous animations produced for Metrix. With high-resolution 3D renderings and motion graphics, Metrix delivered a high-impact presentation to its prospective clients and investors. As always, we followed the branding guidelines provided by Metrix for all layouts and designs.

Metrix’s experience and expertise in compressor monitoring make them the perfect partner for anyone looking to improve their compressor operation. Click here to learn more about Reciprocating Compressor Monitoring and other innovative and scalable solutions by METRIX. Of course, do not hesitate to also check out our other works in this type of animated production in the ANIMATION section of IMMIX Productions’ website.

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