Sensia: Crude Oil Blender Animation

Sensia: Crude Oil Blender Animation

One of our recent animations produced for Sensia, a leading automation specialist in oil and gas production, transportation, and processing, showcased technologies associated with designing, engineering, and building some of the most sophisticated inline blending solutions, in this case, Hydrocarbon Liquid.

Hydrocarbon Liquid Blending is the controlled proportioning of two or more feedstock streams and then simultaneously combining those streams to create a consistent homogeneous blended product with a defined physical quality in the fastest possible time. Hydrocarbon Liquid Blending is typical throughout the oil and gas industry, from the upstream production terminal that stores the oil before transfer to the pipeline to the refinery inlet and outlet, where refined fuels and lubricants are shipped to end-users.

Operators typically over-blend the expensive feedstock to avoid poor blend quality or penalties called giveaways, and this only adds to the losses caused by poor blending techniques. Sensia utilizes the Quality Trim Control Blender to overcome this significant disadvantage. Trim Control Blender incorporates a preparatory blend mixing system with an analytical flow loop and representative composite sampling coupled with our dynamic Inspec blend controller. The online analytics provide the Inspec blend controller with accurate, instantaneous measurement of the blend quality, used to dynamically adjust the feedstock ratios to provide perfect blends every time without the risk of losses or penalties.

Our “Sensia: Crude Oil Blender Animation” introduced Sensia’s Hydrocarbon Liquid Blending Technology to potential clients or partners visiting their booth at the Automation Fair this past November 9-11, 2021 in Houston; and along with our other animation projects currently in the pipeline for Sensia, will accommodate their future showcases, including the Automation Fair Event 2022 scheduled for November 16-17, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.

About Sensia:
The leading automation specialist in oil & gas production, transportation, and processing with a team of 1,000+ experts serving customers globally, bringing together the best of the best: the pioneering process automation, real-time control, and IoT technologies of Rockwell Automation, combined with the unmatched measurement and instrumentation, software and analytics capabilities of Schlumberger. Further solidified by the oil and gas domain expertise and artificial lift experience shared by Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger, Sensia is the unification of sensing, intelligence, and action.

Please visit Sensia’s website to check out all of its impressive technologies, solutions, and service offerings.

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