VR Headsets: Do You Need Them and How Do They Work?

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is gaining popularity. With the release of VR headsets from companies such as Oculus, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Microsoft Hololens, everyone is talking about VR. But do you need a VR headset to enjoy VR content? And how do they work? This blog post will explore VR headsets and answer some of the most common questions.

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Metaverse and Virtual Reality; Transforming Health Care with 3D Detailed Anatomical Renderings.

Metaverse is a 3D virtual reality platform that enables you to create, connect, and interact with others in a digital world, the technology that is no longer just for gaming and entertainment. It is used in various industries to improve productivity and efficiency, such as education, training, healthcare, or real estate. Whether you are a VR enthusiast involved with technical training, looking to create a new VR application, or want to use Metaverse for an existing one, this article will hopefully give you some additional insight on Metaverse and its capabilities.

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New Patent Registration Process: The Importance of Animated Visualization and a Visually Compelling Explainer Video

As long as this country has existed, inventors have relied on patent registration. In May of 2021, the United States registered its 11 millionth patent. And as technology advances, getting patents will become more critical. Yet, the patent registration process can be formidable for startups. There are now so many types of products or intellectual properties that need a patent. The good news is that there are more ways for inventors to get help to register their inventions. So if your venture capital group is looking to move forward with patents, keep reading. This blog article will help you learn more about the types of patents available and how to get them.

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MEET Team HyperSciences and other Quarterfinalists at the American-Made Geothermal Manufacturing Prize

In continuation of our recent LinkedIn post on Team HypeSciences’ advancement to the quarterfinals at the Geothermal Manufacturing Award competition, we feel it would be beneficial to briefly revisit the rules and requirements for contest participant’s progression to each of the competition’s four phases. The American-Made Geothermal Manufacturing Prize (Geothermal Prize), sponsored by the U.S. …Read More