Digital Brochure for Energy Specialties International

Digital Brochure for Energy Specialties International

One of the primary objectives of wastewater treatment is to remove suspended solids and contaminants from wastewater before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. Our client, Energy Specialties International (ESI), has focused on developing water treatment technologies and solutions for over 40 years. With the addition of its Houston-based, Research and Development Facility, ESI has continued to expand its operations from its Headquarters, also located in Houston, to include a network of business relationships across the globe. These valuable partnerships have provided customers with personalized package designs:

1) Pretreatment,
2) Primary Treatment,
Downflow CPI
Upflow CPI
3) Secondary Treatment,
Quadair IGF
VertiFloat CFU
and finally,
4) Disposal

ESI can design a proper solution at all levels of separation, meeting governmental requirements and satisfying the most formidable water purification standards.

Corporate Digital Brochures serve many different goals and the purpose behind developing an effective brochure is to showcase the company’s patented technology, solutions, service offerings. A well-designed digital brochure will increase awareness, drive sales, or encourage repeat business. Our job at IMMIX  is to always accurately convey our client’s technologies and advanced solutions as well as deliver their key messaging to the right audience. From the Digital Brochure and 3D Models to engaging and informative content on ESI’s website, we could undoubtedly recapitulate the numerous strengths and unique solutions that ESI has to offer.

ESI has pioneered a distinct oil/water separation path by developing new, innovative technology to push further the oil and water separation industry, including their industry-leading Flotation Pile® and patented Hydrocyclone Spiral Ramp LQ-R® to the micro-bubble producing radial eductor used in flotation systems.

Attached to ESI’s case study are a few of the screenshots relevant to this project. Please visit the Energy Specialties International website for additional information on their impressive technologies, products, and service offerings.