HyperSciences: SeedInvest Crowdfunding Video

HyperSciences: SeedInvest Crowdfunding Video

At IMMIX Productions, Inc. we work with Technology Startups to provide them with creative development solutions, especially where animated visualization of the process is necessary to fully benefit their marketing efforts.

HyperSciences, Inc. is a Technology Company that has created an innovative hypervelocity propulsion system for major industries such as fast tunneling, energy drilling, and aerospace. Their successful and innovative team of visionaries have developed one of the world’s fastest simplest, and cheapest commercial projectile launch system, which can robotically accelerate objects at velocities greater than Mach 5 speeds. Mark Russell, CEO & Founder of HyperSciences. holds a Masters Degree from Stanford University in Aero/Astro Space Engineering and led the crew capsule program at Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. We’ve been working with Mr. Russell on many of his earlier ventures, including this infomercial for his Series A finance round on SeedInvest, which recently closed as a 100% SUCCESS!

With an original goal of 8 Million, HyperSciences raised $9,2 Million via their SeedInvest Series A Capital Raise promotion. This complemented their original research partnership with Shell, who provided 1 Million in funding for an “early stage” development and testing.

If you wish to follow Mark Russell & his Team on this amazing journey, feel free to check out the HyperSciences’ website and their SeedInvest offering, via two links below.

Visit the HyperSciences site at hypersciences.com.
Visit the SeedInvest page here.

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