House of Dreammaker

House of Dreammaker

Our long-time client, partner and a dear friend, Gregory Patrick, CEO of the original “DreamMaker International” is in fact… known as a “Dream Maker”. For over three decades, Mr. Patrick perfected his craft as an Experiential Artist to transform “travel” into an “art form”. He has been coined in Luxurious Travel Industry as an influential symbol of royalty, celebrity, wealth, and success. As for DreamMaker’s clients… their dreams, desires, and imaginations only partially define the borders of their journeys, but for Mr. Patrick … client’ desires have no boundaries! His vast understanding of client dreams transforms their fantasy into a reality.

“You may not know exactly where you are headed, but once you arrive, your surroundings will seem destined… for the “DreamMaker” shall know you better than you know yourself” – Gregory Patrick, CEO – “DreamMaker”®

We were extremely proud to be involved with several of Mr. Patrick’s creative projects in the past, including the original “DreamMaker International”, and more recently the “House of DreamMaker” – revamped version of the site. We were humbled to learn that our original “DreamMaker International” design, captured 1st place at the ADDY Awards (2009) in not one, but two categories… 1. “Best Website with budget over $50K” and 2. “Best of Show”.

Structural design of “DreamMaker International”, “DreamMaker360” and the “The House of DreamMaker” websites evolved vastly throughout the past few years, primarily to accommodate for constantly shifting, search engine algorithms, as both sites were modernized with necessary SEO / SEM enhancements. We look forward to Mr. Patrick’s future projects and ventures, including the “Experientiality” – an extension of the “DreamMaker”® brand.

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