Scientific Drilling: Enhanced Drilling Services

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Scientific Drilling: Enhanced Drilling Services

Drilling Industry is constantly shifting from a workforce that “works harder” to a workforce that “works smarter” and process automation in oilfield operations is becoming a regular occurrence. At the same time, employee safety, reliability and efficiency; remain as the 3 most important aspects of the job. In order to maintain these objectives, Scientific Drilling International ( SDI ) and it’s Enhanced Drilling Services technology utilizes the leading-edge engineering approaches and proven techniques to identify potential bottlenecks in operations and prevent unnecessary NPT ( Non Productive Time ).

IMMIX Productions collaborated with Scientific Drilling International (SDI) on the 3D Animation and the creative production for their SPE-ATCE 2017 showcase, specifically highlighting SDI’s state of the art engineering methods and proprietary software tools. Scientific Drilling International has become an industry leader in analyzing down-hole mechanics to help minimize risk and increase performance and with SDI’s validated bottomhole assembly ( BHA ) modeling software, Enhanced Drilling Services ( EDS ) Engineers are able to accurately predict the onset of resonance and can make the necessary adjustments to avoid any potentially harmful situations, such as recommendation of stabilizer placement, specific operating parameters to shift resonant frequencies out of the operational window, or remove them entirely from the drilling assembly. Enhanced Drilling Services platform performs many other engineering services, such as: mechanical loading on bottomhole assemblies, estimating directional performance, data analytics, torque and drag, hydraulics and optimization studies.

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