MicroSeismic, Inc. (MSI) is an Oilfield Services Company providing completions evaluation services for monitoring hydraulic fracturing operations in unconventional oil & gas plays. Here is an interactive video (running on UNITY platform) we produced recently for MSI. The inclusion of 3D Animation & Interactivity that is featured in this project, allows the client to customize the application with different detailed PowerPoint slides & videos without needing any intervention from us. MicroSeismic’s goal was to introduce FracStar® data acquisition service, which uses a temporary radial surface geophone array to effectively monitor long laterals & pad drilling over large geographic areas.

Click on the video to the project for the full experience on numerous benefits of all MicroSeismic’s technologies listed below:

– FracStar® (Surface and Downhole monitoring),
– BuriedArray® (Subsurface Monitoring),
– PermIndex® (Accurately Quantify Permeability Enhancement)
– Productive-SRV® (Identify Productivity)
– PSET® 5.0 (Surface Imaging & Processing)
– PSET® Downhole (Real-Time Monitoring)
– DIndex® (Estimate Reservoir Drainage Volume)
– PIndex® (Quantify Productivity)

Design, 3D Animation, 2D & 3D Motion Graphics, Interactive

Additional Credits:
JCL Creative