Assets In Order


Are you planning ahead? Are your assets protected? Would your family know how to fulfill your final wishes? Assets In Order is an online storage service that organizes all of your documented and digital assets in one central location, to be accessed by you or your loved ones when needed. With your Assets In Order Legacy Lockbox™, you can organize and store digital copies of all of your assets, including account and property information, passwords and inventory of your physical assets, directives and your Final Will in a single place – Assets In Order Legacy Lockbox™.

As a business sector value proposition Assets In Order introduced their Going Green Initiative in August 2014, which allowed companies to seamlessly deliver documents, images, and video assets to employees and customers via their proprietary hyper-secure 256-bit double encrypted Legacy Lockbox™ layered over an industry-leading Amazon EC2 cloud platform. This secure back-end solution was then joined with the output point of their clients and affiliate partners, through a proprietary application programming interface (API) source code as an interface allowing their software components to communicate with each other.

Immix Productions collaborated with Assets In Order engineering team to turn this concept from an idea in its initial stages, into a reality. Our development and creative team were involved in every stage of Assets In Order roll out – including marketing collateral, branding, web presence, motion graphics video presentation and server-side encryption as well as the patented message and file delivery process.

Logo, Collateral, Motion Graphics for “How it Works” Video, Brochure Site, Member Website, Server Side Encryption Application, Digital Asset Distribution Method, Subscription Based Billing System