We were extremely excited to be involved with the development of The Head Health Management System, in collaboration with Headcase who came to us with a plan to provide a Complete Head Health Management System that protects young athletes from the cumulative risk of undetected concussions. Immix helped create an image for Headcase as well as hash out and build the Detect + Alert + Act Headcase protection system.

The Head Health Management System is an affordable three-part system that measures head impacts, records impact data, sends alerts and provides diagnostic tools to detect symptoms of potential concussions and can track/record an athlete’s impact data over his/her entire athletic career. This allows coaches, parents, and athletes to make informed decisions about head health and the future of an athlete’s play. The Head Health Management System helps athletes by aiding in detecting potential symptoms of a concussion and is accomplished by measuring the g-force of head impacts through the Headcase impact sensor, field-side concussions tests via the Headcase mobile app, and storing data collected from the sensor and mobile app in a user’s profile on the Headcase website. By providing robust data for review and analysis, athletes, parents, and coaches can make decisions based on facts rather than fear.

Although the Head Health Management system is unable to indicate, diagnose or prevent concussions and only trained medical professionals can diagnose concussion, their proprietary system records an impact history and provides field-side tools to aid in determining a potential concussion. In addition, the Headcase impact sensor measures and records all g-force head impacts received during play above a starting g-force level. Immix partnered with Headcase to produce a fully functional website and mobile app, which guides users through a series of questions to aid in determining symptoms of a concussion. The website is the hub where all data from the sensor and mobile app is securely and confidentially stored, tracked, and analyzed.

Planning and building an understandable user interface and innovative alert system that was reliable, user-friendly and easy enough for anyone to use it.

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