Our new client, Enthought, provides valuable services to Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Materials Science & Chemistry, and Semiconductors Industries, especially where science and innovation are critical to their client’s business success. By combining software development skills, a clear understanding of client domain, and change management expertise, Enthought delivers measurable and transformative results. Enthought’s main objective for this project was to modernize their online presence by revamping its website. The design solutions offered by IMMIX Productions included easy to navigate site structure, as well as visually appealing digital collateral, and animated graphics using HTML 5. These features, combined with the fully responsive design, multi-browser compatibility, and enhanced code for maximized SERP ranking, will generate more organic traffic and serve as an informational platform, a visually compelling knowledge base.

Enthought’s tagline, “Business Impact Through Scientific Innovation,” was the foundation for all of the site’s message alignment. By incorporating a vast amount of quality content in the RESOURCES section: Training, Blog, Case Studies, Webinars, Enthought Tool Suite (ETS), Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM), and Events, we have already encountered increased site activity, higher engagement, with an improved click-through rate (CTR). Visit Enthought site to check out the finished product, or to learn more about Enthought’s vast array of their valuable solutions, and for one of our other projects in the web development area, click here.

About IMMIX Productions:
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Additional Credits:
Katie O’Malley – Site Design