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Hendee Enterprises, Inc. – The Innovative Solutions Company

In this web development project we were privileged to work with Hendee Enterprises, Inc. as we completely redesigned their website. Immix’ involvement also included rebranding and repositioning Hendee’s web presence.

Hendee Enterprises is a proven leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of fabric / tension shade structures developed to provide protection from sun, rain, hail, UV rays and offer a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience, gained through over 40 years of research, protecting products, employees and the environment.

Hendee specializes in creating truly exceptional structures, so our main objective in this assignment was to communicate all of these benefits to the marketplace, primarily in a form of a highly responsive website, clear and concise message, as well as the professional design and the impeccable visual impact for maximum customer engagement and interactivity.

Website design, marketing image development, branding, collateral, content and graphics.




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