Motion Graphics Animation, 3D Animation & Video

If you are looking for a firm to produce video or animation about your company, products or services, then you understand that this incredibly powerful medium should be a key component of every company’s strategic marketing communications plan. That is because animations and videos are better at engaging customers, shaping brand perception, with increased retention and higher conversion rate than any other type of content. Using the latest design tools and technology, Immix Productions masterfully creates 2D motion graphics, visualizations, and 3D animations, specifically… explainer, concept and interactive videos that educate and inspire. We are an experienced company whose curiosity, vision, creativity and strategic thinking enable us to produce original works that are as unique as the companies we serve in many diverse industries.

Increase Customer Engagement

Why invest in animation and video? There are many reasons you should have animations and/or videos in your marketing arsenal – all backed by multiple industry studies. For one thing, videos and animations grab your customers’ and prospects’ attention. You are able to engage with them visually and emotionally in ways that other types of content such as brochures, ads, and web pages cannot.

According to Google, more than half of all Internet users visit a physical store or website as a result of seeing a branded video, and visitors to your website will stay longer. In fact, customer engagement is so effective, that videos on landing pages increase conversions 80%. In other words, you can actually influence the behavior of a larger percentage of your target audience — get them to sign up for your blog or newsletter, follow you on social media, request a follow-up call or purchase a product or service, for instance —through the power of a high-quality animation or video.

Improve Search Engine Rank

A second reason to include video or animations in your marketing mix is to improve where you rank in search engine page results. Search engine optimization is challenging due to Google’s continuously changing and ever more stringent algorithms for calculating page rank. However, the value of video in this “magic formula” is well known. Videos and animations that engage customers are said to improve Google rank 5300%! And did you know that YouTube is second only to Google as the world’s top search engine? That fact alone should make it clear why video and/or animation content is so important to your company’s success.

Make Your Products or Services Memorable

Who doesn’t want to be the first company that a customer thinks of when they need a particular product or service? So how do you make your company’s offerings unforgettable? There is no better way to tell your “story” than with an original, creative animation or video.

Immix Productions is a storytelling expert. We bring difficult concepts to life, make them meaningful and give them “personality,” so to speak, so that your customers and prospects understand and remember your products and services. If, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” — then videos and animations are so much more.

Animation gives us liberties limited only by our imagination. We can help you show things that can’t be filmed such as a product that is still in the conceptual design stage, demonstrate a product that works in an environment that that is physically or logistically difficult to film such as a tool in an oil well or a medical device inside the human body. The animation is also an excellent alternative when you don’t have a large archive of photography or video. By make something unlike any other, we can give your customers and prospects an excellent understanding of your company, your products and/or your services no matter how or where they are used, and how to solve their particular problem.

Motion Graphics vs. 3D Visualization vs. Interactive Video and Animation

How do you determine whether 2D motion graphics or 3D visualization animations are better for your purposes? Immix Productions has years of experience with both of these types of animation, and we have the vision and creativity to make the best recommendation for you based on your target audience and objectives, and your budget and timeline. Motion graphic animations are ideal for explaining complex ideas in easy and engaging ways. For this medium, we use text, graphs, still photos and illustrations, and give them the illusion of moving. Common applications for motion graphics animation include digital ads, web banners, and digital newsletters. Fully custom 3D animation is far more complex. It takes many, many hours to render in this medium, but the result is more realistic and provides a greater sense of depth. 3D animation is commonly used at trade shows and for product demonstrations.

In addition, Immix Productions specializes in interactive video, a medium that offers an extremely high level of engagement. We can create video/animation with clickable buttons that take the viewers to relevant web content or key points or product details, and insert quizzes and assessments. And we can create multiple story paths so the viewer can choose the ending for a more custom experience. An interactive video is an excellent training tool.

Optimize your KPIs with Video and Animation.

With this much potential, it is easy to see how you could benefit from having Immix Productions produce a fully customized animation or video for you. From brainstorming and concept, through storyboarding and production, we will create a highly effective marketing tool that can increase customer engagement, drive up traffic and conversion, improve your search engine rank, make your products or services unforgettable and, ultimately, positively impact your revenues.

Additional Immix Productions Services

Working with Immix Productions, Inc. for your animations and video is advantageous not only because we are experts in this field and have been servicing the Oil, Gas, Energy Industry for over 18 years, but also because we have a vast understanding of the oilfield and offshore drilling process, to successfully integrate all of these key elements into your global marketing strategy. We are also a full-service branding firm experienced in developing creative, effective corporate identity programs, websites, brochures, and much more.
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