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Enhance performance through immersive experience

Unity and Unreal game engine platforms play an instrumental role in developing games, interactive visualizations, and other non-traditional presentations. With unrivaled cross-platform features and a robust assets store to leverage, they are considered by many to be some of the best visual platforms available for gaming and interactive development. With IMMIX Productions’ close to a 2-decade love affair with 3D animation, motion graphics, and interactive development, we are delighted with the results we are getting by using Unity and Unreal platforms to produce graphically rich and visually optimized presentation results.

Creatives are harnessing Unity and Unreal’s potential to generate effective and persuasive cutting-edge training, sales, and visualization tools intended for trade show presentations, website enhancements, and many other custom applications containing Virtual Reality Augmented Reality elements. Organizations throughout every industry are embracing the opportunity created by these unique technologies. With a wide variety of applications, companies can get inventive with broad applications to harness and maximize these powerful game engine technologies.

Staff Training and Development

One of the ways for companies to utilize game engine platforms is staff training. Using motion controls and a custom Virtual Reality ( VR ) application modeled after the company’s existing facilities, trainees can walkthrough procedures, assignments, and challenges, as if they were really in the field. Additionally, multiple trainees can be in the same environment, both simultaneously and remotely. It has been proven that people learn better through direct experience. The training tools powered by Virtual and Augmented Reality enable users to retain the material better while cutting costs and eliminating all safety risks. Because this allows trainees to learn from mistakes in the virtual world, it reduces the chance of making mistakes in the real world. As the Virtual Reality Industry develops, more companies are implementing Game Engines to achieve the need for their staff’s practical and mastering education.

Tradeshow and Touchscreen Applications

While PowerPoint presentations are useful in a pinch, we think that everyone is on the same page when we say that there are more innovative ways to express an idea, process, or product. With the capability to further engage the viewer by interacting with a presentation, the viewer can absorb and retain more information. Using a touch screen, a controller, or even a full-blown VR headset makes for a presentation with a lasting impression. Not only can the digital display offer videos, white papers, and charts on demand, the viewer can customize what they want to get out of the presentation and request more information on only what they are interested in. Using inquiry forms, tracking, logging, and reporting information helps our clients improve their marketing image and understand their customers’ needs.

Smartphone Applications and Games

Unity is cross-platform, ubiquitous with game development, backed by a considerable amount of 3rd-party support sources and libraries, maintained by a digital asset ecosystem. Developers use C# (.NET, Xamarin, and Windows platforms) to quickly uptake Unity for development. It also supports the latest advances in graphics cards and graphics libraries, such as OpenGL, Vulcan and DirectX. For these reasons and many more, Unity is the perfect solution for smooth running, highly effective smartphone applications.

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Benefits of using Unity for games, AR/VR & interactive development:

  • The Best App for Game Development.
  • Excellent for Cross-Platform Development
  • Highly Skilled Tech Support
  • Great Assets Store
  • Easier to Use than Other Technologies
  • Extremely Cost Efficient
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