Air Liquide - CO2

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Air Liquid CO2 Animation

Let’s imagine a new world economy based on using carbon dioxide, an essential small molecule, as a useful raw material and not a waste. Did you know that without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the average temperature on Earth would be far below zero degrees celsius? On our planet, carbon and carbon dioxide are stored in, and transferred among three main reservoirs: The atmosphere, the land, and the ocean. The amount of carbon stored in each reservoir is measured in gigatons (or billions of tons). Movement between the reservoirs, occurs in a natural, well-balanced way. The ocean and the atmosphere exchange carbon dioxide back and forth by way of CO2 desorption and CO2 dissolution in water and phytoplankton photosynthesis. As a result, there is a natural net flow of carbon from the ocean to the atmosphere of 0. 7 gigatons per year. A small portion is buried in the ocean floor to be released again slowly, over thousands of years. This comprises the natural carbon cycle…a well balanced, equilibrated process, for hundreds of thousands of years, until human industrial activities began.

Immix was commissioned to design / develop a storyboard and produce this 2D animation, primarily to communicate the importance of understanding the function of carbon dioxide, as the basis for all organic matter and an essential element for all life on Earth.

Storyboarding, Design & 2D Animation

Additional Credits:
Managing Partner - Stonehenge Productions

Designer - Bearded Dog Design



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